VR Simulator Games

VR Simulator Games VR Simulator Games

360 VR Motion Chair is a virtual reality simulator, the seat can be flipped 360 degrees vertically, highly matched 19 different games, which makes the experience more realistic and more safe !

* Size:1900*1200*2500(mm)
* Power: 3800W
* Weight: 3500KG    

Computer configuration :
*  CPU: I5 inter
*  Memory Card: 8GB DDR4
*  Hard disk: SSD 240G     
*  VR Glasses:  Deepon E3   

* 360 degree rotating motion chair, highly match with 19 different games
* Free adjustment of safety bar according to player's situation, more comfortable and safe
* One emergency pause button on the left side, the machine will stop and be back to the original prosition
* 43 inch HD LED Screen to synchronize video and game content when playing
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