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Let's Roll has fully updated the design style, the simple but 

unique red and blue color combination makes the machine

 instantly recognizable in any location!

The fully transparent glass cabinet, longer ball rolling fairway,

single player position adjustment, same gameplay but lower 

machine cost. 

The eye-catching laser lights are retained, ensuring that Let's 

Roll is still themost eye-catching machine!

With its unique full glass cabinet design, 100% skillful gameplay,

and exciting bonus mechanism.

Let's Roll is perfect for some quick, competitive fun. It will be a

great earner for your game room.

* 100% Skill-Based Ball Roll Game 
* Challenging "Pull and Release" Gameplay
* Longer ball rolling fairway, Single player position
* Fully Transparent glass Cabinet Eye-Catching Design
* Advanced Challenges-Jackpot & Super Bonus 

* Size:(mm)810*2191*2379
* Power:350W
* Weight:200KG
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