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It's been quite a while since the industry has seen such a great

coin operated Ball Toss arcade game and BRAVO has designed

this phenomenal new Ball Toss arcade game machine!

The Ticket Champ Arcade Game is one of the most unique and

interactive skill arcade games around! The game's play-field is

100% interactive with 9 fixed "Ticket Roll" targets in which the

player's skill/accuracy in throwing is definitely tested!

Ticket Champ also includes 3 different size scoring holes for

each skill level, so everyone from beginners to pro players

can be challenged! Play to achieve the "Super Bonus" award. 

Please note that the Smaller Ticket Roll can win more Points!

The all-time favorite classic Carnival/FEC Ball Toss game has

now been transformed into a neat ticket redemption game!
Ticket Champ, Arcade was specifically designed to allow 1 or

2 players (in twin configuration) in order to play at the same

time, and encourage ‘family play”.

Players toss balls at the different-sized Ticket Roll for points. 

Hit the Smaller Ticket Roll target continuously to get a higher 

score adds bonus points, as the players attempt to hit smaller

ticket rolls to win Super Bonus.


* Fun, Simple, 100% Skill FEC-Style Gameplay

* New Ball-Toss Game with Ticket Roll Design
* Colorful Eye-Catching Ticket-Theme Cabinet Artwork
* Easy Play Game - Appeals To All Ages and Abilities
* Adjustable Ticket Payouts + “MEGA BONUS” Ticket Jackpot
* Size:(mm)2420*1060*290
* Power:160W
* Weight:220KG

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