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Planet Roll features a deluxe Spaceship cabinet with an alien planet theme, sci-fi music, a large, custom LED lit planet-shaped marquee with UFO and alien elements. 
It’ll definitely impress at any location! The laser light feature, makes this a flashing game that will grab even more attention!

With its unique, 2 player cabinet design, 100% skillful gameplay, and exciting bonus mechanism, Planet Roll Game is perfect for some quick, competitive fun. It will be a great earner for your game room.

* Size:(mm)1400*2000*2360
* Power:350W
* Weight:350KG

* 100% Skill-Based Ball Roll Game 
* Space Ship Cabinet Eye-Catching Design
* Chanllenging "Pull and Release" Gameplay 
* Attractive Lighting Effects & Sci-Fi Alients Music
* Advanced Challenges-Jackpot & Super Bonus 
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