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Bravo Amusement at the 2023 IAAPA EUROPE EXPO in Vienna
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Guangzhou, September 26~28, 2023 –Vienna, Austria– Strong R&D game developer and manufacturer Bravo Amusement brings their latest innovative products to the 2023 IAAPA EUROPE EXPO in Vienna.

The full production model of the company’s brand new amusement game-Lucky 7 & Ticket Champ showing for operators and distributors to play, test, and purchase. Those game is one of the most unique and interactive amusement arcade games around! 
The Bravo team was represented by Managing Director Ken Lin, Sales Director John Xu, and Operations Director Michael Lin. 

We believe this show and the whole new experience will certainly help to generate more enthusiasm to lift the amusement arcade markets up to new levels.
Finally, Thank you to everyone who stopped by the Bravo Amusement booth at the 2023 IAAPA EUROPE EXPO Show! We are thrilled about the future and can't wait to bring more exciting games and experiences to your venues. Stay tuned for what's to come! See you next year in Amsterdam!

About Bravo Amusement!
Guangzhou Bravo Amusement, headquartered in Guangzhou, China, is committed to offering fun and profits through developing & manufacturing & selling Vending game machines, Amusement games, and redemption machines. 
Relying on strong R & D capability, satisfactory services, innovative concepts, and practical attitude, Bravo Amusement strives to create awesome entertainment products & services that meet the global market trend.  Bravo Amusement always is your reliable amusement machine supplier!

Brilliant games with Reliable quality, Appealing design, Valuable service, and optimal revenue, that is what Bravo Amusement is all about! 

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