Vending Game Machine

Vending Game Machine Vending Game Machine
Crazy Hoop Prize Games
Brand new gift machine, combined with pinball gameplay. 

Choose the corresponding prize according to your score, an absolute high-revenue machine!

Play the games to win points, shoot the ball to win corresponding scores!
once you get 200 points, you can select and win the prize on the left; 
once you get 300 points, you can choose the prize on the right; 
Once getting 500 points, you can win the jackpot in the middle of the machine to get the most expensive prize!!!

* Size:(mm)800*650*1400
* Power: 150W
* Weight: 80KG   

* 13 Gifts Hole Display, different socre win different Gifts
* Classic pinball game, simple but skilful
* Different from traditional vending machines, this new gift machine combines classic pinball games
* High revenue machine, once the player starts the game they will do their best to get the prize
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