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Racing Simulators Racing Simulators
Initial D Racing Simulators- Continues the finely crafted tradition of providing technical style racing to the arcade that keeps players engaged and coming back. 

With new character customization options, more cars, new game modes, and car customization features, Initial D4 is a game that is sure to keep your players happy.

* Size: (mm) 1150*1100*2150
* Power: 300W
* Weight: 350KG

* An HD display (32″ LCD) and a new, high-quality sound system
* Redesigned control scheme for better realism
* Three game modes: Legend of the Streets; Time Attack; In-Store Battle
* New cars and locations to enjoy with expanded vehicle customization/upgrade options.
* Revamped IC card system stores data for three different cars, player profile, racing record & more
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