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Video Games Video Games

Pinball Video Games-This new-style includes a High Definition Display on the playfield 

itself as part of an interactive game feature to give players more challenges and fun!

* GW: 110KG Power: 150W

* Platform-32 LCD (HD) ,Display LCD: 19” LCD

* Machine size: 100Lx66Wx173H cm

   Packing size: 122Lx61Wx89H cm

* Coin operated or Free play mode, 66 Multiple games for choose, 1~4Players optional
* Pinball artwork can be Customized
*  High-definition display screen setup
*  Saves & stores high scores 
*  Excellent speakers and amplifiers shocking stereo 
*  Pinball digital plunger function 
*  Original style pinball legs
*  Stainless Steel lock bar and side rails
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