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Who builds arcade machines?
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Arcade machines are typically built by specialized companies or individuals with expertise in arcade machine design and construction. These builders can be categorized into different groups:

Arcade Machine Manufacturers:
Companies that specialize in manufacturing arcade machines on a larger scale. They often produce machines for commercial use in arcades, entertainment centers, and other public spaces. 

Custom Arcade Builders:

Individuals or small businesses that offer custom arcade machine building services. These builders often work with customers to create personalized arcade cabinets tailored to specific preferences, themes, or game selections.

DIY Enthusiasts:
Some individuals with a passion for arcade gaming may choose to build their own arcade machines as do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. They can source components, design the cabinet, and assemble the machine themselves.

Arcade Restoration Specialists:
Experts who specialize in restoring and refurbishing vintage arcade machines. They may not build machines from scratch but focus on repairing, updating, and preserving existing arcade cabinets.

Collaborative Projects:

Sometimes, arcade machines are built as collaborative efforts involving hardware engineers, software developers, and designers working together to create unique and innovative gaming experiences.


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