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New prize vending game coming out----Bravo Bounce

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Guangzhou, China---18March, 2020

Bravo Amusement entertaining new game Bravo Bounce, is now officially coming out.

This prize vending game is a perfect combination of luck and percentage for operators. Unique mechanical gameplay, flexible & adjustable reward set up, and challenging game experience makes it a high earning game to replace traditional prize machine.

There is 4 difficulty level:
Level 1: 1 and 2 lines with lights will appear randomly;
Level 2: Only one line with lights will appear;
Level 3:  after 8 times plays, the lights in the middle hole will appear;
Level 4:  after  12 times plays, the lights in the middle hole will appear.

You can choose the difficulty level according to your demand;

Also, there are 12 grids for placing prizes, each grid can be programmed in different difficulty level: for example, the number 1 grid you put a cheap prize, so you set up the easier level, Level 1;  for number 2 grid, you put a high-value prize, so you use the difficult level, level 2.

You can also set up different credit to start the game for each grid;     for example,  player needs only 1 coin to choose the Number 1 grid because the prize in Number 1 grid is cheap item; but a player needs 10 coins to choose number 2 grid because you put perfume in this grid, this item is expensive.

That's how it works. Don't wait another minute to start something new!

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