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New skill game coming out----Whack the shark
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Guangzhou, China---October 15, 2019

Bravo Amusement entertaining new game Whack the shark, is now officially coming out.

For sales after a couple of months’ preparation. This family-friendly ball toss game is perfect.

For people of all ages and designed to allow for two players to play by side getting high scores.

And to win as many tickets as possible. 

Featuring eye-grabbing aggressive shark image on top and running lights along both side edges, lively shark models that are moving and a classic digital display that shows scores and timing, whack the shark is a 100% skill game that requires players to keep hitting the moving sharks to keep them from reaching the boats above the water surface. 

Every single shark reacts to go down after being hit but will go up again aggressively real quick in seconds! So Be alert! 

Players will fail to protect the boat if being reckless. 

This game creates a truly interactive family entertainment experience and keeps the player glued to the game.

For complete information and videos, search Whack the shark on our web or contact us directly!

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