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New tickets redemption machine coming out---Only 33

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New product coming out---Only 33
Guangzhou, China---26March,2021

Bravo Amusement entertaining new game-Only 33, is now officially coming out.

Only 33 is a brand new tickets redemption machine. It not only uses the classic pinball scoring game but also cleverly combines the digital superimposed score to win Jackpot.

The player has a total of 3 chances for the ball, and the ball will get the corresponding number. When the total number of the 3 balls is 33, then the player can win the Jackpot. If the total number of players exceeds 33, then the game end. 

If the score is less than 33, the score will be accumulated to Jackpot. Does it sound complicated? Of course not, when you look at the formula below, you will fully understand how this game is played.

?+?+?=33 Win Jackpot
?+?+?>33 Game Over
?+?+?<33 Win Scores

You may be interested in why you can win Jackpot with a total score of 33? Instead of the other 28,45? 33 is the result of our research and reference to some traditional number games. 

All the numbers on the machine are scientifically calculated. There are always 3 scores that add up to 33.

The most important thing is that we will take into account the age of the player, children or the elderly are not good at math, the first time I did not think of how many points I need to score the next ball,

we have a light on the number of the machine to remind us to play the game For two or three balls, the player only needs to bounce to the lighted score.

The clever control of the handle strength is also one of the highlights of our machine. Players need to repeat the game several times to master the handle strength. Of course, we cannot guarantee that the same strength can be bounced to the same position.

Moreover, the two-person position setting also ensures the family fun of the machine. You can challenge Only 33 with your family and your friends. For merchants, this can be a super practical, high-revenue machine suitable for a family entertainment center.

That's how it works.  Don't wait another minute to start something new amusement game!

For complete information and videos, search Only 33 on our website or contact us directly!

Bravo Amusement always is your reliable amusement machine supplier from China.

Only 33

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